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Mom's day out


take a tag, bless a child.

This year, Crossroads Church is partnering with Belton ISD for Project HEARTBEAT to bless homeless families and youth with a Christmas experience! To participate, follow the steps below.

pick up

a tag

Each tag represents one child that is a part of a homeless family or is an unaccompanied youth, identified by BISD. On the tag will be the child's name, gender, hobbies, favorite color, etc. Tags are available to be picked up at the church or received by emailing


Bless a 


Using the information provided to you on the tag, pick out a gift to give to that child. There is no obligation for how expensive or inexpensive the gift must be. Simply give out of what you have. 



your gift

Once you have picked out a gift, wrap the gift and deliver it to Crossroads Church with the original tag attached to the gift.  All gifts need to be brought to Crossroads Church by December 6th. 


If you have any questions, please email



BISD Project HEARTBEAT provides service to students attending schools in Belton ISD who are currently in a homeless situation.  As of November 1st, 2020, BISD has identified 201 students in Project HEARTBEAT, 50 of these are unaccompanied Homeless Youth. To find out how to support Project HEARTBEAT, follow them on Facebook at Project Heartbeat BISD or contact them at 254-215-2088/2095.

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